Good news, ladies.  If you've always wanted to be a size six, don't waste your time dieting or working out like a sucker.  If you stay gorgeous and chubby long enough, size six will come to YOU.

According to a new study out of England from Daily Mail, the definition of women's sizes keeps changing.

The study found a woman who was a U.S. size 12 in 1975 is a size 8 now.  And that shift has happened across all sizes . . . so a size 18 in 1975 is a size 14 now, and so on.

There's some level of "vanity sizing" involved . . . people want to believe they're smaller sizes, and that makes them more likely to buy the clothes.

But . . . human beings are also getting LARGER.  So the sizes are adjusting what it means to be small, medium, and large.  The average hip size has gone up THREE INCHES in the past 40 years.