Would You Be Willing To Try A Vegan Diet? [POLL]
Carrie Underwood is vegan so why shouldn't we all be? I would have never considered becoming vegan years ago, but recently a lot of people around me are becoming vegan. With cancer numbers growing at an alarming rate I can't help but wonder if what we are eating is directly related to cancer. But le…
The Average 45-Year-Old Woman Has Been on 61 Diets
At some point, it's got to be easier on your body to just be a little chubby . . . instead of dieting on and off forever, right?
According to a new survey from Huffington Post out of England, by the time the average woman hits age 45, she's been on sixty-one diets.
Is Anyone Keeping Their New Year’s Resolution to Get in Shape?
The year isn't even a quarter of the way over, but for most of us, our New Year's resolution to get in shape is a distant memory.  A survey by British Military Fitness found that 59% of men who promised to exercise didn't make it to February, and neither did 15% of women...
Four Clever Ways Food Companies Are Making You Fat
You probably heard that Hostess . . . the maker of Twinkies and Ding Dongs . . . filed for bankruptcy last week. It's partly because Americans are trying to eat healthier and avoid things that are bad for them. But avoiding all of those things can be tough.
Crazy Diet Plans of 2012
Is it just me or have you noticed some of the crazy diets of 2012? I have heard everything from juice fasts, to no sugar diets, ceral diets and of course the low carb diet. Some of the local diets include the 12 week challenge at Gold's Gym and Weight Watchers...
Brad Weiser’s Christmas Diet: What?
When researchers ran this diet study from Time , I doubt they had Brad Weiser in mind.  But their results came out just in time to keep Brad and others from gaining a massive amount of weight this month. Maybe.
The Worst Food For You
I love to eat junk food but lately I have been noticing that my junk food habits are sticking with me a little. It makes me wonder how many chocolate chip cookies I can eat before I gain a few.
There's a new study from the  Washington Post on weight gain in the "New England Journal of Medicine&q…
Summer Activities That Burn Calories
It doesn't feel like summer but it OFFICIALLY starts June 21st.  So here's some advice on how to slim down while you enjoy the warmer weather. posted a list of popular summer activities, and how many calories they burn.  Here are the top four.
#1.)  Water Ski…
7 Worst Breakfasts
I was reading an article from yahoo today and found that The Food Channel recently conducted a survey that found that two-thirds of us eat breakfast at home, which means that the choices we make at the supermarket today will determine how we start tomorrow.  We’ve already crunched the numbers. All y…
Four Ways to Lose Weight in Ten Seconds
Dr. Travis Stork from the TV show "The Doctors" has a book out called "The Lean Belly Prescription", and it includes tips on how to lose weight in just ten seconds. The survey was conducted by (
Obviously, you won't actually get THINNER in ten seconds.  They're jus…

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