According to Jezebel If you're having trouble losing weight, it might not be your fault.  It could be because you have the wrong color dishes.

Brian Wansink is an eating-behavior expert at Cornell.  He's the guy who discovered that having larger plates makes us eat more.  In his latest experiment, he looked at the color of the plate.

Brian served a buffet lunch to 60 people, who didn't know they were taking part in an eating experiment.  They were divided into two groups and sent to separate buffet lines.

Half of them were sent to a buffet serving pasta with Alfredo sauce, which is white.  The other half were served pasta with red marinara sauce.  Each person was randomly given either a white plate or a red plate.

And they found that people whose plate matched the color of the sauce ate way more.

The recommended serving size for pasta with sauce is four ounces.  Everyone took more than that.  The people with mismatched plates . . . either red plates in the Alfredo line or white in the marinara line . . . took an average of five ounces. 

The white-on-white and red-on-red people took six and a half ounces.  That's a 30% increase, which Brian said would lead to a significant weight gain over time.