The journey is probably not what you are thinking. We are not going to Hawaii to do a live broadcast. Bummer, huh? Brad gets no choice in the journey we are about to take, it's probably not going to be pleasant. We are going on a cleansing journey.

I have deiced to do a 10 day cleanse as part of my New Years Resolution. The cleanse is based on a liquid diet. You are not suppose to eat any solid foods while doing the cleanse. Although last night I cheated! I could not control myself and ate 12 Ritz crackers. Hopefully, I will be able to complete the rest of the cleanse without cheating. But at this point it is extremely doubtful.

If you know me you know that if I am hungry or haven't gotten enough sleep I am a bear to be around. Therefore, Brad and I will be taking my cleansing journey together because by day 7 or 8 I am pretty sure he will want me to eat a pizza worse than I will want to. Nobody wants to work with a "grumpy pants" who hasn't eatin in 10 days.