I don't know if I'm still bored from the year of pandemic (lack of) excitement or if I'm getting old and turning into my dad, but I get really excited lately when the International Space Station flies overhead and we can see it. The ISS zipping over our heads isn't an uncommon occurrence, but the times we can actually see it are limited to a few instances each month. The final one for this month happens Wednesday morning.

When Can I See The International Space Station From My House?

The Spot The Station website can help keep you up to date on all the times you can see the International Space Station from wherever you re in the world. For Idaho, our next good chance is Wednesday June 30th, at 4:48 AM. It will be visible for up to six minutes and high enough in the sky to be seen from almost anywhere.

How Can I See The Next International Space Station Flyby?

Once you know when the International Space Station will be visible, the next step is just knowing where to look. For June 30th, the max visible height for the ISS will be 68 degrees from the horizon traveling basically from the west to the north-east. So, if you don't know your compass directions, from Twin Falls you can look towards California and it will travel towards Montana not quite directly above us.

You'll get another chance to see the ISS on July 1st at 4:03 AM.

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This YouTube video shows you what it looks like as it passes over. If you didn't know it was the ISS, you could easily mistake it for an airplane or an alien UFO.

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