It seems that some people never learn. Well, a particular type of person anyway. No matter the decade, there is a person who believes the rules are merely guidelines. Speed limits are suggestions. Warning labels were created for other people.

A classic video has surfaced and it proves a very old adage. People never change. But language does. Yellowstone visitors like this are the reason there is now a new word in our dictionary. Because of them the word 'touron' now exists.

Tourons existed in 1992. Probably existed before that, but the capability of video wasn’t always around. Never leave evidence. If there isn’t a video, did it happen? In this digital age there are no secrets, no private moments, no touron goes unnoticed. But is it only national parks?

Don’t think that you have to be in a national park to make bad animal encounter choices. There are plenty of farm morons to see. Shall we call them forons?

Perhaps a new team of guard animals will emerge. Forget dogs. It’s time to think new and outlandish. Keep intruders on their toes. Try ostrich, kangaroo, parrot, or miniature horse. Who knows? The animals get smarter and humans seem to be de-evolving.

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If you don’t want ‘What not to do’ videos posted of you online for the world to see FOREVER, I have a suggestion. Don’t do stupid things. If that is a physical and psychological impossibility for you, then at least don’t do stupid things when your friends have a camera. Make them leave their phones out of arm’s reach first, have them hold your beer, and then attempt to prove Darwin wrong.

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