A once-in-a-lifetime event was encountered by a park ranger at the Tetons. 13 wolverines were seen chasing a grizzly bear and her three cubs. There are so many reasons this is a crazy encounter.

Wolverines Attack Grizzly Bear

13 wolverines were photographed running along a snowfield chasing a mother grizzly bear and her three cubs. In each photograph, you can see them getting closer to the bears. A mother grizzly bear is one of the most dangerous creatures out there. Apparently, even she is afraid of a pack of wolverines.

Wolverines In A Pack Is Crazy

Wolverines are not only elusive but tend to be solitary creatures. Finding them in the wild is rare and finding 13 of them together is even rarer. We have seen more and more reports of wolverines lately, some in Yellowstone, one even carrying a goat head around like a trophy. It makes me wonder how much more information we are going to find out about this adorable yet horrifying creature.

It does not say whether or not the cubs and grizzly mom got away. There are only photos and the photographer stayed a great distance away to ensure his own safety. I really need to figure out what lens this guy is using on his camera because it is stellar quality.

Things like this are why I love nature so much and am so fascinated by animals. And once again for the fun of it, remember to leave the wild animals alone. If a grizzly bear is afraid of it, you should be too.

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