The cooler temperatures are headed our way, and so are the holidays. Some of us may still be in Fall mode, so here is a few reminders about what you need to remember this winter.

1.) It is illegal to not scrape your car windows and drive through town. You have to make sure you can see out of the entire windshield, side windows and rear window. If not you could face a fine.

2.) You can put your studded snow tires on right now if you would like. Twin Falls usually uses a lot of sand on the roads instead of salt and plows. You are definitely going to want to get those snow tires on.

3.) Thieves are looking for packages! Make sure someone is able to get your packages inside, you have a camera or a hiding place for them. You don't want your presents stolen!

4.) If you are tempted to start burning a fire in your chimney, you are going to want to make sure you clean it first. The last thing you need is a chimney fire right before the holidays! Be diligent and clean those chimneys!

5.) Do not turn on your car to warm it up and leave it! Not only is it a great way to get your car stolen, but it is actually illegal. Unless of course you have a remote start vehicle.

BONUS: If you haven't gotten your sprinklers blown out yet, you may want to get on that. It needs to get done before a few hard freezes, and we have already had a couple.

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