The weirdest thing happened over and over... I was receiving emails from everyone that kept showing the letter 'J', especially at the ends of emails.  What the heck?  I kept thinking, "Is this a new acronym?  I can't keep up with these.  WDYT... SMH... and now J???  WHAT IS THAT?!  'JustwantedtoletyouknowI'dliketopunchyouintheface'???"

PC World explains:

What's happening here is that someone sent you a smiley emoticon, but your mail client didn't display it properly.

At work, we all use Outlook, so it turns out all this time, people weren't throwing hate my way... they were actually smiling.  Or trying to ease the burden of a demanding task like, "Hey buttweasle, where the crap is my TPS report?!  J."

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