This is the battle of the dream cars for KEZJ's Terry Morgan and his wife, Natalie. Her dream car is a 1974 426 7.0 V8 Hemi Plymouth Barracuda, and mine is a 2007 GT500 662 5.8 V8 Shelby Cobra. Who would win in a straight mile drag?

Both are American Muscle Car Icons. While there were other muscle cars before the Barracuda, it is heralded as kicking off the muscle car revolution in the '60's. And the Mustang is one of the longest continually produced muscle car in America.

But what would happen if a 426 7.0 V8 Hemi from 1974 and a 662 5.8 V8 Modular Cobra from 2007 met on the track? 33 years separate these incredible cars, but you can certainly see the heritage in the Mustang straight from the Barracuda.

My wife and I own neither of these cars, but they are most certainly on our bucket lists. And once we have both, we've already placed a bet: the loser has to sign over their title to the winner. High stakes street racing, indeed.

It's classic muscle versus retro-futuristic. Who would win? Vote!

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