So there is a video circulating right now about an argument between the owner of Slice and a patron of another Downtown business. We looked in to who is legally and technically right.

Here is a look at the video. *Warning: The content is full or crude language. NSFW"

So, the argument is, does the owner of Slice have the right to tell these people to get off the sidewalk in front of his building? According to the police officer that was called after this incident, the business owner could not kick them off public property. However, technically the table and chairs belong to the business owner. And the owner is required to maintain the sidewalk in front of their business, so how much control does that give them?

Plus, according to the people in the video, they had already moved when the owner of Slice came out to talk to them. They were eating in front of Twin Falls Sandwich Co when the argument started.

slice issue 1

In the video you can see the Twin Falls Sandwich Co sign behind them. Tomorrow is Jay Waters' birthday, he is one of the men in the video. So he will be having a birthday party right outside of Slice, without using the tables or chairs, according to Jay. Waters' will have about a dozen people there at 6 p.m. and is encouraging anyone who wants to join them to bring a chair and join the party. Waters' says that he wants to inform people that the he has a right to be on the public property, and "a person has the choice to be nice or not nice. If someone is going to be a jerk, expect to be treated like a jerk back and not everyone is going to just stand to the side."

Now we obviously don't know every side of the story. Legally, the sidewalk is public property, the chairs and table are private. So there is a lot of red tape going on.

What do you think?

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