This may seem like a silly question, but where should you park in Twin Falls during Western Days? There are events going on all weekend, and parking will be at a premium. Here are a few helpful and handy hints to get you and your wheels safely through Western Days 2014.

Here's the City of Twin Falls' official statement about parking during Western Days:

In order to prevent parking congestion, please park your vehicles two to four blocks away from the parade route. Be careful to allow yourself enough time to walk to the parade route and please do not block the driveway to any home or business. There will be no parking allowed in the 400 and 500 block of Shoshone Street East and Shoshone Street North.

After living in Twin Falls for a few years now, I've put together some handy tips to help:

  1. Start out early! As in park your car at least five hours before everything starts to ensure an optimum parking spot. Heck, park your car tonight if you want to. That's dedication!
  2. Get dropped off and walk everywhere. Breathe some fresh air and get a little exercise while you're at it!
  3. Make friends with a police officer and hang out with them all day. They can park anywhere.
  4. Don't cross the streams.
  5. And remember: DO NOT park on the 400 and 500 block of Shoshone Street East and Shoshone Street North.
Also, don't park on someone's driveway or property unless you have their permission. That's just NOT cool! Have fun this Western Day's Weekend. Don't let it be ruined by getting towed or getting a parking ticket!

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