I thought that it was understood that if you go to the Jerome side of the canyon to shoot or go off roading, the side closest to the canyon rim was for four wheeling and the other side was for shooting. Am I wrong?

The road according to Google is apparently called Shoshone Falls road and is the barrier between those who want to shoot and those who want to off road. Lately, we have been getting reports of people ATV riding on the shooting side, and shooters on the ATV side. How do we fix this? This is how accidents happen.

Maybe the answer is to shut it down completely? People will dump garbage along the canyon rim as well. I have even seen a mattress just left there. The Snake River Canyon is so beautiful, why dump garbage there? The gas money that it would take to drive out there and dump is just as much as it would cost to go to the transfer center.

What do you think? How do we stop the accidents and the littering?

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