The first thing most people do when they move into a new house is paint. Even if the walls are fine, there is something about styling the home in a color of your choice that says ‘Now I live here. This is MINE.’ When it feels like a change in life is in order, paint the house. There was one color, and now it is different.

How Close Should You Cut It When Purchasing Paint?

One of the important aspects of interior home painting is to not run out of paint. Always over-purchase. If you go back for another run, there is a chance the color won’t be quite the same. This is a devastating prospect in the middle of a wall. The average calculation is one gallon for 400 square feet.

The nice thing about extra paint is that it can be reused. But, paint has a shelf life. If unopened, it can wait a bit or be donated. Once the paint is opened and used, the clock is ticking. There is a difference in how long paint can sit depending on oil-based or water-based paints.

What Location is Best for Storing Paint and How Long Does it Stay Usable?

If your garage is not temperature controlled, then the drastic change in temperatures can wreak havoc on the paint being stored there. If paint should be stored between 50 and 90 degrees, Idaho cannot supply those needs in a typical garage. Paint can be stored in the laundry room, or other room with less traffic but climate control.

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Once opened, water-based paint can last anywhere from 2 - 5 years. Water-based or latex paint can go bad. Just like milk or meat, if it smells bad, it’s time to let it go. Also like milk, if it gets lumpy - it’s not good anymore. Though if the consistency gets a bit thick, using it to paint the back fence you plan on replacing soon is a great summer project for the kids.

Credit Kat's Phone
Credit Kat's Phone

Oil-based paint can last much longer. If stored well, oil-based can sit for 10 years. There’s typically a layer of film on the top, but once removed can be used again. This may seem like the best way to go since the shelf life is longer, but oil-based paints have a downside. Cleaning and disposal is tricky.

Proper Disposal of Paint in Idaho Keeps Everyone Happy and Healthy

Paint can be toxic, though disposal of extra water-based paint is not too tough. If there is a small amount, just let it completely dry and throw it away. If there is more, mix it with kitty litter, let dry and throw it away. Done.

Oil-based disposal is more difficult. The paint as well as paint thinner, mineral spirits, or citrus-based solvents used for cleaning up this paint contains chemicals that can be dangerous. Disposal of solvents and oil-based paint is a matter for hazardous waste disposal at the transfer station or landfill nearest you.

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