Moving to a new climate often can take a little bit to adapt to. From
elevation, to different types of dirt and flowers in the air, to temperatures being different, it is an adjustment on people's bodies. My son has already had allergies here, that he never had before. The seasons are soon transitioning from fall to winter and into the cold season, which we were prepared for a few colds coming our way. Some things have caught us off guard though.

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What the hell kind of weather is going on here in Twin Falls? It is warm enough for me to play disc golf one day, be hot enough outside a few days later to wear a t-shirt and shorts, but then followed up with frost on my car the next morning. I have been rained on and also had it rain while it was sunny, which doesn't even make sense. The cold was anticipated, but the yo-yo of warm to cold to windy to sunny rain, that was unexpected.

I need to make adjustments. I have bought an ice scraper, a cover for my window shield, chains for my tires and coats. I soon plan to get new boots and heavier pants as well. I am open to suggestions going forward. I never thought I would think 38 degrees feels like a nice morning. My body is as confused as it has ever been. I was informed a weekend in the '50s is a warm front in November. NO! That is still cold in my world.

While other places in the country enjoy the 60's and 70's this time of year, I am quickly learning Twin Falls enjoys the 40's and dreads the 20's and below. A dry day has been a luxury so far, as it has rained often so far. I don't have much data to go off of yet, but I can confidently say, this weather is confusing me. What the hell Twin Falls weather?

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Lily Pond near Redfish Lake by Stanley

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