The Twin Falls School District made it abundantly clear that they would not support any student walking out of class. They sent out a memo to parents and students saying that anyone who walked out would be consider truant. 

According to the school district, a truancy means any exams, homework or classwork missed would not be able to be made up, parents will be contacted. So this is what Twin Falls schools did during the walk-out.

Canyon Ridge High School had an assembly put on by the student body where they asked Mayor Shawn Barigar to attend and speak about civic engagement, the importance of voting and the ways to be a positive influence in the community. There was also a memorial after the assembly for the victims of the shooting in Florida.

Twin Falls High School had four students walk out, but they also had an assembly put together by administration to talk about school safety. The importance of see something, say something and taking drills seriously. They also had a moment of silence for the victims in the Florida shooting.

Robert Stuart Middle School had 90 of their roughly 1,000 students walk out.

South Hills Middle School had roughly 15 students walk out.

O'Leary Middle School had 2 students walk out, 1 with a parent. However, they took a different approach as the administration asked students to perform 17 acts of kindness and display them in the hall way on sticky-notes.

The College of Southern Idaho had dozens of students walk out and walk down Falls Ave with protest signs.

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