March 14th is National Pi(e) day and we need to figure out the best way to celebrate it. Admittedly I don't know a ton of places to get a piece of pie around here, but we need to know the best places.

Sure March 14th as pi day is more of a math joke and celebration than a food one. I mean pi is 3.14, but I like food better.

There doesn't seem to be a lot of pie options around Twin Falls which is mildly disappointing, and I could very well have missed plenty of options that I just was not aware of. So we have to know, if I were to decide to celebrate National Pi Day, where is the best place to go to get the best tasting pie.

No we aren't going to take your grandma's house as an option unless your grandma is willing to make pie for me as well. Where did we miss?

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