You always hear how the best gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day is just spending time with them.  Dad pretty much wants to spend time with you on Father's Day but he might like a gift card too.

According to a new survey, gift cards and spending quality time together tied for the thing dads want most.  Each one got 17% of the vote.

The survey also found that 10% of us think spending time with Dad on Father's Day means we don't need to buy him anything. (Now that's just plain wrong.) That's compared to 6% for Mother's Day.

11% of people say they've completely forgotten about Father's Day at least once, which actually sounds low.  And 20% think it's fine to just send Dad a text. I first thought this was stupid but my son sent me a text for my birthday and I was thrilled to get it.

When we do decide to break out our wallets to buy something for dad, it looks like we spend nearly as much as we spend on Mom.  According to the survey, the average Father's Day gift costs $61, compared to $68 for the average Mother's Day present.

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