On Saturday I took my youngest son down to Dierkes Lake so he could play with his new Christmas present, an RC boat, and I could fish while he played. I shouldn't have been surprised to find out that the lake is frozen, since it is winter and really cold outside. Yet there I was on the dock at Dierkes dumbfounded at how frozen almost everything was. Luckily, and oddly, there was a small section of the lake near the dock that wasn't frozen so my kid could still use his boat. Fishing at the lake would require an auger to drill through the ice. A walk along the dock proved that many people were much more prepared for the freezing winter conditions than I was. The lake near the dock was littered with holes drilled by hopeful fishermen. So, if you head down to Dierkes don't be surprised that the lake is frozen over. Also, don't be surprised that the Shoshone Falls are also not exciting right now as no water is falling over the edge except for a few small trickles.

Dierkes Lake Frozen In Winter

If you still want to brave the cold conditions you can still walk along the trails, ice fish, take beautiful winter pictures, and apparently hit golf balls onto the ice. Plus, entrance to the park is free as the toll booth is closed for the season. Also, I don't know if it is recommended and you'd have to check the stability of the ice, but now that the Downtown rink is closed you could play on the ice near the Dierkes dock. I don't recommend you do that, since I never trust ice. I've seen way too many AFV videos when the ice gives out and things go south instead of fun.

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