So you say lightning scares you?  Then Twin Falls, Idaho is the place for you.  Google Maps has a little known feature that can display the amount of "county-level lightning hazard data" and it turns out, we don't see much (if any) in the greater Twin Falls area.  Those numbers increase and we head towards King Hill, Mountain Home and Boise.  And your odds of being struck go up even more as you get into Nampa and Meridian.

I was surprised that Hailey didn't see more action but keep this in mind:  Those areas with "no data" aren't necessarily the safest.  It doesn't have to mean that lightning never strikes in Hailey... "No data" can simply mean that there's either no data or that there were no fatalities linked to a lightning strike.  Which can be misleading when you consider all of the fires that are started by lightning strikes.

Take Florida for example.  Sheer frequency of strikes, coupled a dense population give them some fairly nervous statistics near Ft. Lauderdale.


Here's an interactive map that you can play around with to see where you're most and least likely to get struck by lightning.

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