Here's a challenge for you: When your kids get home from school today, ask them about what their teachers said about 9/11. You might be surprised.

Think about it. Of all the subjects we talk about with our kids, how often do we discuss history? Yet, it's the one subject that is the most likely to be skewed by opinion.

Math is easy:  2+2=4, no matter who you ask. But ask multiple people about an historical event and you're likely to get just as many interpretations equal to the number of people you ask. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate our teachers and I thank them for what they do. But you cannot discount that even a teacher with the best intentions cannot help but put their own spin on events based on political, moral and religious beliefs.

It's simply human nature.

I think it's important that you talk to your kids about what they learn in history as a lot of their opinions about world events are likely to be influenced by what they are taught. So make sure they have an understanding of historical events as you see them so they grow up knowing your values and don't take everything they hear from a teacher (or anyone) at face value.

Today, ask your kids what they were told about 9/11. I'd be blessed if you shared what was said. Leave a comment below.