Did you make a Christmas wish list this year? I didn't. My wife and I are apparently impatient and bought the things we wanted over the last few months and already opened them, so we are counting that as our gifts. I hope that doesn't make us sound like Grinches, but Christmas gifts mean something different when you are an adult. Plus, I really needed that new drill in November. When it comes to our kids, the Christmas wish list is a whole different story, and for some of my kids it is an really weird story.

First of all, why is it so easy for some kids to make a list of what they want and for others it is like torture? It really shouldn't be a chore to make a list of cool stuff you want. My oldest son refused to make a list this year, saying he didn't know what he wanted. Then, for the last few weeks he has been dropping hints about stuff he wants and needs. My other three kids had their lists ready (and are still adding to them for some reason) by the first week of December.

On their lists they included the following items:

  • Epoxy resin for my oldest daughter. I'm assuming she saw some video online and decided she wants to make epoxy stuff.
  • A sword and throwing knives for my oldest son. I think it is a cool thing to ask for, but I also worry about his plans for them.
  • Spiky clip-on earrings for my youngest son. He recently said he wants his ears pierced and apparently this is his alternative option.
  • A neon pink phone charger for my youngest daughter. She doesn't own a phone.

Also, they all asked for cookies without knowing that the others had also asked for them. That's weird.

Did your kids/spouse ask for anything really weird or random this year?

Twin Falls Christmas List

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