Tomorrow this time capsule full of things that are supposed to represent 2018 in Twin Falls will be buried downtown. Here is an idea of a few things that are going in there.

Ok, some of these I totally get. The "Make America Great Again" hat makes sense. Even if you don't like our President, there is no doubt that Idaho is a conservative state that voted for him. The USB full of photos and news stories from the year, newspapers, all that makes sense to me. Even the cell phone and case is great, we are all super obsessed with those.

But, a magazine about the Royal Wedding and whatever is going on with the Kardashians right now? Does anyone here actually CARE about it? Even if you do, how does it affect anyone in Idaho let alone Twin Falls.

Those fidget spinners are like the bane of my existence, but definitely nationally relevant.

Where are the Twin Falls High School and Canyon Ridge High School yearbooks? A miniature Perrine Bridge? A mini construction cone? A pot hole? A Brad Little mailer (because everyone got 500 of those)?

I wonder how confused these people in 100 years are going to be when they see these things. I kind of wish I was around to see it. Maybe we will all be cyborgs by then.

What would you have put in there?

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