Warning: This Video contains language that is NSFW.

Watch this Washington nanny tackle an alleged thief trying to steal a package from her front door.

With all the theft going on in Twin Falls right now, we can understand how angry it makes you when someone attempts to take something you worked hard for.

A nanny was working at a Washington home when a package was delivered. Shortly after, video surveillance shows the suspect exit a car, allegedly stealing a package, and fleeing towards the vehicle.

Almost immediately after, the nanny explodes from the residence and tackles the suspect, all while screaming all kinds of obscenities.

Most law enforcement officers would say this is the worst way to handle the situation. It's not worth risking your life over stuff... So we won't officially condone her actions. But I think this woman represents what most of us would like to do if we caught someone trying to steal from us red-handed.

We also got a good laugh out of the thief's getaway driver. Notice how he (or she) takes off the moment they are confronted. What's that you say, no honor among thieves?

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