The last thing you expect when flying out of the Salt Lake City Airport is being kicked off your flight.

This is exactly what happened to a Michael Hohl and Amber Maxwell. According to KHOU, the couple was kicked off their United Airlines flight because they tried to move seats.

Apparently, the couples assigned seats were occupied.  So, the couple found unclaimed seats in the same section to sit in. According to the couple and the Miami Herald, this was not OK with the flight attendant. Minutes later, they were escorted off the plane.

I've switched seats on flights in order to be closer to family and I've never been asked to get off the plane. It seems odd to me that this couple was thrown off of their flight just because they sat in unassigned seating. Do you think there is more to the story?

The Miami Herald reported that United Airlines claimed the couple tried to switch their seats to first class and would not comply with United Airline staff. The airline did apologized to the couple and re-booked their flights for the following morning.

Do you think the couple deserved to be kicked off the flight for moving seats or is United Airlines out of line?

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