The winter months are exciting for those that enjoy snowy adventures in the mountains of Idaho. One Gem State spot located near the city of Boise is known for its chilled cave explorations and frozen overhead waterfalls.

If you are the type of person who doesn't mind the cold and routinely spends the winter months actively exploring Idaho's less inhabited destinations, there is a place near the south fork of the Boise River that offers incredible winter hiking where visitors can explore frosted caves and iced-over waterfalls. A four-minute video tour of the area was shared on the YouTube channel of Dexter Sear in January.

There are few videos I've come across having to do Idaho outdoor exploration that is as marvelous as this one. We often see the words "hidden gem" associated with some of the state's lesser known natural wonders. In this case, these caves truly are hidden behind a series of frozen falls which can be found just two-hours northwest of Twin Falls.

Visually, the location reminds me of the nearby Shoshone Ice Caves. Giant frozen cycles hanging above narrow pathways, and dazzling ice formations surround those who explore these caves. It also looks like a great place to take the dog out for a winter stroll. The video is a great guide to the area, and takes you inside these amazing caves.

It's another incredible Idaho adventure that's just waiting for you, and an easy day trip from the Magic Valley.

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