This video is both interesting and funny to me. The interesting part is the UFO two guys filmed over Boise Sunday night. The funny part is their commentary. Be warned there is a little NSFW talk in this one.

"The camera is moving...or maybe it's not...WHOA!"

First, the UFO stuff. It's really hard to tell what exactly they're recording. That's probably why it's called a UFO. But, the problem is they record no other point of reference like a tree, building, etc. Even they admit you can't tell if it's moving or if their camera is moving.

To Jeremy Brown's credit, he did upload a second video with some stabilization.

The reason this video is funny to me is Jeremy and one of his friends talking. If you listen to their back-and-forth, see if you hear the resemblance to two other very cool dudes.

"The camera is moving...or maybe it's not...WHOA!"

On the scientific front, I would guess these guys spotted Jupiter or Saturn on a clear night. Or, maybe it's the dreaded Planet X. No matter, I thoroughly enjoyed their banter. So, thanks for that, Bill and Ted - or Jeremy and friend.

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