I'm guilty of this. I've shared links on social media without reading them. I assumed the title was enough to know everything that was in the story. That laziness to read and verify stories has gotten me in trouble. It actually seems like this is beyond me though. Many stories are shared without reading them because they come from a reliable source or a friend we trust. There's a chance that friend never read the story either and Twitter is realizing this. Social media companies can see if a story was shared without clicking the link to read the article.

Go ahead and test it on this story. Share it with your friends and then ask them if they remember the part about a unicorn.

Not everyone wants to read the stories though and you can tell in many of the Twitter comments that people don't want to be told they need to read a story. Some of my friends share stories solely because the article title is funny or so ridiculous it's worth a share. I've had friends share stories from The Onion thinking they were real. FYI - The Onion is known for their outrageous satire stories and some are so crazy with a bit of truth that they almost seem believable.

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