Suicide survivor, Mindy Lynn of Twin Falls shares her story in the hopes of helping others who are contemplating suicide.

Several weeks ago, you heard about the story of a young woman who drove her car off the Snake River Canyon in an apparent suicide attempt.  After the story aired, our Morning Show talked about the event and how glad we were that this young lady chose life and we were sad that there are individuals out there who feel like they have no other option than to end their life.

A few days after our broadcast, a young woman named Mindy Lynn contacted us through our Facebook page and told us that she was the young woman in the story and she said she wanted to share her story in the hopes that her experience might help others who are hurting and facing similar circumstances.

Mindy shared how she came to a point where she felt there was no other recourse other than to end her life and she also shared what changed her mind, even as she drove towards the canyon. It was a photo of her little girl.

I looked down at my dashboard, and there was a picture of my little girl and I could not bring myself to finish what I had come to do.

Mindy also talked about why she hesitated to seek help for her situation and why so many others in similar circumstances are afraid to do the same, despite the many resources that are available.

We spoke with Dr. Eric F. Jones, PHD from Preferred Child & Family Services who talked with us about some of the many options that are available to those who are depressed and contemplating suicide and why those who need help are hesitant to ask for it.

There’s still an [incorrect] stigma around mental health. There’s a great fear that if they acknowledge that they need help… that they’re going to be labeled.

So as friends and family, it’s our job to encourage them to reach out for help.

Dr. Jones shared some of the many resources that are available through various organizations like the Suicide Prevention Action Network. They have regional chapters that can be contacted or they can be reached through their website, or by calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

If you or someone you know struggles with depression and have thoughts of suicide, please reach out to those around you for help.  And remember Mindy’s story and her words.

Everybody is worthy of life.  Everybody is special.  And we all deserve to be loved.


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