I can't believe I have never heard of this place until now. A friend of mine asked me if I had ever heard or been into the Copper Alibi Sports Bar and my answer was no. That appears to be a big mistake, this place looks like a blast.

I looked up their Facebook page and I have no idea how long this place has been open but it has to be a while. They have their own dart league going on, they are a sports bar that also airs UFC fights and it is a full liquor service bar. Seriously, how have I never heard of this place!

They are located at 677 Filer Ave near Garibaldi's. They look like they have some great drink deals as well, especially on the weekends. Saturday looks like the time to go down there.

It doesn't say exactly which sports they show, I am really hoping they show football because I would love another option to watch and hang out. They have also done karaoke nights and benefits for local kids in the past. I am really sad I missed the karaoke night that would have been fun to see.

The bar opens at noon and closes at 1 am as all bars in the area do. If you want more information about upcoming events or drink specials you can follow their Facebook page, Here is their website as well Definitely need to give this place a shot.

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