I had never heard of this until this year. "Boxing Day" is the day after Christmas and it is all about charity. Mostly it is celebrated in the United Kingdom and other countries, but it might be time to start celebrating here.

After doing a little research, "Boxing Day" is always on December 26th. The holiday was created by royalty as a way to say thank you to their servants. Obviously, the help was not able to leave on Christmas and spend time with their own families because they were making sure that the noble people had a wonderful Christmas and dinner. The day after Christmas they started giving them time off so they could celebrate and spend time with their own families.

When I first read that today was "Boxing Day" I assumed it had something to do with recycling boxes from your Christmas gifts. Turns out it is much cooler than that. I read a couple different theories as to why it is called "Boxing Day" and there isn't a clear answer. Maybe it is because people tend to fill boxes up with stuff to give to less fortunate.

Whatever the reason for the name I think it might be something people in Twin Falls would get behind. I have never been part of a community that is so eager and willing to give back. I think I might go home and give it a try this year. Pack up a box of things that I can donate or take some food to the food banks. What do you think? Should Twin Falls start the trend and celebrate "Boxing Day"?

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