The Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office shared a reminder on their Facebook page why anyone under the age of 18 needs the proper helmet when on a motorized vehicle.

They stated that a bicycle helmet is not good enough if the person under 18 is riding a motorcycle, ATV, 4 wheeler or side by side. A bike helmet is not designed to protect someone as well as a DOT approved helmet.

The Sheriff's Office will stop you and issue you a citation if you are, again, under the age of 18 wearing a helmet that is not approved or even worse, no helmet at all. The photo the Sheriff's Office shared shows how much a good helmet can take. The human head is definitely not that durable.

I am not sure who was wearing this helmet or what the story is behind it but the injury could have been much worse. The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office said they have had several calls for helicopters and ambulances for serious injuries involving those who were not properly protected.

So even if the child is not driving, if they are in your lap or in a seat belt on a side by side, a helmet is still required. I imagine this issue isn't as prevalent for small children as it is for teenagers. I remembered hating my helmet as a teenage, and as an adult I try to wear one when necessary.

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