Late last week a Twin Falls visitor was kayaking and nearly drown at Pillar Falls. After his recovery, he shared his story and how thankful he was to have the help of Twin Falls Sheriff's Office.

Brendon Lease thankfully recovered quickly after his near drowning experience at Pillar Falls. He was kayaking and decided to kayak through the falls rather than go around, according to his Facebook post recounting the experience. He stated he has been kayaking for a while and even though he may not consider himself professional, he isn't a beginner. Unfortunately he underestimated Pillar Falls.

Brendon said his kayak was pulled under after it capsized and he drown. A young man and his family found Brendon and revived him while they called for help. That family helped save his life and gave him hope while crews showed up to take him to the hospital. He says he remembers almost nothing from the experience. How horrifying it must have been for him. Thankfully he was able to recover, he got some good help from St. Lukes and will be able to continue on the road with his family.

Just as a reminder, the falls can be more dangerous than they appear. Always be diligent, know the area and don't put yourself in unnecessary danger. Thankfully this young man is going to be just fine.

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