The Twin Falls School District back to school protocol has been approved. That means that if there is community spread of the Coronavirus, teachers and students will be required to wear a face mask.

As per the outline, based on the level of community spread, that will determine how strict school guidelines are. Schools will determine what level they will start the school year August 11th.

No community spread is the "Green level" and the only level where face coverings will not be required. I am really hoping that things will make it there in the next few weeks but it is not likely.

The "Yellow" level requires a face covering within the school building. The exceptions will be while they are eating and where social distancing can be maintained. All staff and students will be provided with washable masks. Every hour staff will give students an opportunity for a "covering break" where they can remove the mask safely. Students and staff must provide documentation from a state licensed medical professional if they are unable to wear a mask for health risks.

There is a full list of cleaning and disinfecting protocols. Of course if things get all the way to the "Red" level then all students will be required to learn online. The school will update as more information becomes available.

You can read all the school guidelines here.

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