Waiting until the last minute to mail things is never a great idea. Waiting until the last minute to send a letter to Santa is even worse. Proper preparation is preferred. Give Santa the best chance to bring the perfect gift by sending a request early. Don’t leave things until the last minute. The elves get cranky with last-minute orders, and there may have to be substitutions if a letter doesn’t get to the big man in time.

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When I was young, we gave our parents our letters and hoped for the best. My mom was flighty in the memory department. I never really knew if she sent my letters, or forgot them in her gigantic purse. Maybe I just needed the system Twin Falls Parks and Recreation has set up.

Mailbox for Santa Letters in Downtown Twin Falls

Credit N8
Credit N8

Rumor has it that this is the quickest way to get the letter to Santa. Twin Falls Parks and Recreation must have a friend of the family who works with the Post Office, or maybe someone there was extra good this year and used a Christmas Wish to help the mail get to Santa faster.

Doing it this way will even get a note back from Santa if you send it before December 18th. What? Return correspondence? When I was young, there was never a response from Santa. Mind blown.

The mailbox is in the Downtown Commons. Address your letter to Santa, 1225 Elf Road, North Pole, 88888. You don’t even have to worry about postage, just a return address so he can send you a letter back. Parents, don’t be shy. Santa can write you back a letter as well.

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