If you have seen any of the previous posts regarding a random chicken showing up in a tree outside the building, she is still here and getting braver.

Some of our coworkers have decided to feed and water the chicken, that has been lovingly named Nugget. Now, she has graciously started laying eggs for us, and getting a little friendlier with out personnel.

She decided to get inside the vehicle of Bill. Yes, inside the car! She wanted to go for a ride.

chicken in car 1
Chicken in car 2

Here she decided that Nate was taking too long to get out of his vehicle, and said hi. Anyone else notice she can stare you down better than any other animal ever.

chicken on car

What she didn't know was that Nate really enjoys the paint job on his car.

Nate and Nugget

Ok, before people freak out and think that Nate actually hurt Nugget, he didn't. She is fine, alive and well to scratch up a car on another day.

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