For anyone who felt slighted because they didn't get their Hogwarts letter, the next best thing is happening in Jerome in just a few weeks. The Jerome Farmers Market is holding their 8th annual Hogwarts Harvest Festival at the Mountain View Barn.

On Saturday October 12th from 9 a.m. to noon there will be a festival all things Harry Potter and I am ridiculously excited. There will be a costume parade starting at 11 a.m. and the kids can trick or treat between 10 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

There are so many other events happening like eating lunch at Hogwarts, Quidditch tryouts and experiments with Professor Sprout. If you are not a fan of Harry Potter chances are this all sounds like garble to you. For the rest of the Potter heads, keep reading.

Apparently you can also check out Platform 9 3/4 for the Hogwarts express, check out a haunted forest with Aragog and maybe even make a deposit into Greengot's bank. The inner child in me is squealing right now. It is the closest thing to getting your Hogwarts letter and forget you are a muggle you are going to get without maybe going to Potter World.

There will also be a silent auction for those who want to brush up on their Harry Potter swag. I have to wonder how I have never heard of this, especially if it is the 8th annual one. The event gets over at 2 p.m. but that is plenty of time to enjoy all things Potter. It may be time to bring out the long robes and magic wands.

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