Twin Falls Police and other law enforcement have a few K-9 officers they work with. They are definitely part of the team. So today, they are celebrating Officer Frankie.

Happy birthday officer Frankie! Twin Falls Police is celebrating his fourth birthday. And Frankie was so excited for the news he decided to wear his party hat. He looks like a real party animal! (Yes, it is a terrible pun but you have to appreciate it).

I love seeing these types of things by our police and sheriff's departments. I think it is incredibly important for law enforcement to show the human, fun sides of themselves. They aren't always out there busting criminals or handing out tickets. They have fun and celebrate birthdays just like everyone else. Appreciate these men, women and yes, animals that put their lives on the line every single day to keep this community safe.

Thank you Twin Falls Police and happy birthday to Frankie making it to the big 4. Don't eat too much cake.

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