I swear Daniel Veley is one of the most famous people around town because he is the guy with a camera permanently attached to his hand. If you follow him on social media you can see some of the most amazing photos of people in the community being candid and having a great time. However, he is getting some back lash for his art.

I have seen Daniel post thousands of photos. Many people don't mind, some people get angry and others demand he remove the image from the account. Everything that Daniel does is legal, but some people find it uncomfortable. Recently, someone was commenting for him to remove images of minors and a man flipping off the camera.

Daniel Veley
Daniel Veley

In my personal opinion I think everyone in the photos look amazing. Some people find it uncomfortable, others love it. These candid shots show people enjoying every day life. We were curious what others thought. With it being public space, completely 100 percent legal and most people ok with it, is there still something socially strange about Daniel's art? I hope one day to get caught by him, in a great photo anyway. I don't like photos of me but he makes people look good.

Does it really matter if it is an adult or a minor? I find most people think what he does is great. But should the few who find it creepy or offensive outweigh the others?

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