How many people like mosquitos? How often does a conversation include an expression of joy over black flies? Nobody and never. Nobody likes these pests. Everybody complains about them. Not everybody does something about it.

Nobody thinks of West Nile Virus or Vesicular Stomatitus Virus infections as a pleasant happening that once experienced, they would share with friends and family. How would that conversation go? ‘Hey, I just spent days with West Nile, you gotta try it.’ What about a rancher? Have you ever talked with one who can’t wait for their horses or cattle to get stomatitus? No.

What Does the Twin Falls Pest Abatement District Do?

The Twin Falls Pest Abatement District was formed to control mosquito and black fly populations and prevent the spread of the diseases they carry. Their mission statement:

To protect the health and socio-economic well-being of the citizens of Twin Falls County from harmful vectors and pests, employing environmentally sound abatement practices.

They want to help people live healthier and happier lives keeping away pests that carry disease without poisoning the people and animals they are trying to help.

The Twin Falls Pest Abatement District has an opening for a replacement member on its Board of Trustees. You can apply for this 4-year appointment if you are a property owner in Twin Falls County and registered to vote.

Applications are available at or by going into the office. Applications should include a letter explaining why you want to be on the board and what qualifications you may have. Mail applications to:

TFCPAD Attn: Board Members
Twin Falls, ID 83303

It’s a great chance to work with citizens and organizations in Twin Falls County. Mosquitos and black flies suck. Literally. Let's make life a little better with less of them.

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