Twin Falls law enforcement officer Deputy Baisch signed off for the last time and entered retirement last night. They caught his final sign off on video and it is going to make you cry.

The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office shared the emotional last day for Deputy Baisch on their Facebook page last night and you could see how much this man meant to the sheriff's office. Deputy Baisch woke up every day not knowing for sure if he would return to his family that night until he hit his retirement. Thank you so much for your service and dedication to this community. Enjoy your retirement. You deserve it.

Lately there has been a void of respect for law enforcement on a national level. Watching this video of a final sign off of a man whose entire life was to help those in the area who needed it brought me to tears. You can tell there was a sense of loyalty, friendship and camaraderie among those who work in the department. I know that retirement can be hard for everyone, and emotional for everyone. However, Deputy Baisch will no longer have to wake up every morning to an alarm clock and worry about whether or not today is the day someone who hates cops takes it out on him.

We very much wish Deputy Baisch luck on his future endeavors. Enjoy retirement, forget the alarm clock, forget the patrol cars and sleep in. Thank you so much for your service to this community.

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