Star Wars is one of my favorite movie compilations. Admittedly the most recent trilogy was not my favorite, but it was still definitely worth it. For the Star Wars fans who may be hard of hearing, you can still enjoy it on the big screen.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is having a special screening on Wednesday January 8th at Magic Valley Cinema 13 with open caption/subtitles in it. This is not the first time nor the only time the movie theater has offered these services. In fact in the future they will be offering a screening of Dolittle, Onward and Mulan with subtitles.

The show will be at 5:55 p.m. and it is considered a matinee. That means ticket prices for children are $6.75, a Senior price is $7.25 and matinee price is $7.25.

It is important for any Star Wars fan to have the ability to watch the new movie without being afraid to avoid spoilers. Watching Star Wars on the big screen is a completely different experience than at home. Sure you have to deal with more people, but action movies are what the theater was meant to show.

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