I may be the pickiest eater you'll ever meet - even if you have small children. I don't eat vegetables unless they are the sauce for my pizza or spaghetti. I even pick out the green paper chive things from Ramen Noodles. The last time I ate a carrot I ended up in the ER the next day. It wasn't related to my carrot eating but I use it as an excuse to avoid veggies. I've never had to go on any special type of diet but I know it would be ridiculously hard to give up foods I love and have to replace them with something similar, but diet appropriate, or eliminate the thought of them altogether.

Last year my wife started experiencing weird internal issues that doctors thought to be caused by a developed gluten intolerance. So, for a few months my wife went gluten free and it seemed to me like one of the hardest things she had done. We love bread and pasta in our house and the substitutes rarely seemed to be good enough. But, the good news is there are tasty options for pasta and bread that work with a gluten free diet. One of those is available for a limited time at the Twin Falls Cinema 13 in the Magic Valley Mall. They are offering gluten free buns with their hot dogs! There is a small up-charge of 50 cents for the special buns - but like I said if you are off gluten you take a good alternative when you can.

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