A few times now the so-called "love lock fence" on the Twin Falls Canyon Rim Trail has fallen over or been destroyed in the past. Now, the fence is back and made stronger than ever.

In the last few months, we have seen the fence either be moved, destroyed or it fell underneath the weight of the locks. We aren't exactly sure what happened to it originally. That doesn't really matter now because the fence has been rebuilt and it looks strong.

Idaho Bucket List said that Taylor Made Fence and the City of Twin Falls is behind the repair. That is pretty awesome of them. It was part of the Canyon Rim Trail that had such an interesting way of bringing people from all over together.

There was a variety of locks on the fence from bicycle locks to combination locks. People make a stop there to write their initials on a lock, maybe their names if the lock is big enough, and plant it there. Visitors I am sure- come back all the time to the area to try to find their lock. Unfortunately, I am not sure what happened to the original locks on the original fence. They may be gone forever.

At least Twin Falls has this fence and we can start all over again. I am curious how the tradition is going to get started up again on the completely bare fence. I am curious how the first one got started. Now let's hope no one decides to try to vandalize it.

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