When I moved to Twin Falls from Las Vegas, we rented a house for a few years before deciding that we really did love it here and were going to stay for a while. So in 2010 we bought our first house. It was old and needed some TLC to modernize it. But, that's what we wanted. We wanted a project that we could get at lower than market value and make it our own. So, for a little less than $100,000 we bought a 1964 home with dark green carpet and wood panel covering the walls of the main rooms. Now, it has been just over a decade and the value of our home has tripled from what we paid. That isn't the case everywhere in Twin Falls but the majority of homes, according to Realtor.com, have increased in value over the last decade.

N8 Rising House Value credit Realtor
N8 Rising House Value credit Realtor

It hasn't been a steady climb, as you can look at yearly values and it looks like a nauseating roller-coaster of up and down values. But they say my home has increased in value 92 percent since I bought it. My wife saw that and now she wants to sell and move. Lucky I was able to remind her that we have too much junk and moving is the worst.

I like to think that my house is actually worth more than their estimate since I've spent the last decade fixing it and modernizing it. Hopefully my work didn't depreciate the value.

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Despite the rising house prices, there is still constant construction around us. People want to live here in Twin Falls and are willing to pay the price.

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