Is this a sign of the times or what? Check out this listing... For the low, low price of $408,000 (nearly half of a million), you could own this 628 sq ft., 1 bedroom, 1bathroom Boise home.

Sure, it's sort of updated for a home built way back in 1910 (That makes it 111 years old), and I suppose it's all about location, location, location (it's in the North End), but man this seems like a lot of money for a little bit of house. This same house, according to it's history on, was listed for $155,000 back in 2013 so that's a lot of equity in 8 years.

Photo Credit: Intermountain MLS/
Photo Credit: Intermountain MLS/

This really is a sign of the times, and a vivid display of just how quickly the housing market here in the Treasure Valley is changing. This is my second year renting and I'd say I have a bit of regret about that. If I had purchased a home when I first moved here, it might just be worth some good coin at this point.

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Also, I'm a firm believer that one should never live in a home with only one toilet. This is a recipe for disaster if you think about it. And unless you're living completely alone, 628 sq ft is going to be extremely close quarters. Oh, and to add insult to injury, the estimated monthly payment on this house is @2,120 PER MONTH! That's right, more than two thousand dollars... That's significantly more than my three bedroom, two bathroom rental in Meridian. I don't think I'll ever own a house in my life.

Yours Truly,

A concerned Millennial.

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