Twin Falls Food Express has been delivering food from restaurants to our doors for a few months now. The business has decided to make a bit of an upgrade and will offer grocery delivery from Walmart as well.

According to their announcement on the Twin Falls Food Express Facebook page, you give them the list of groceries you need picked up, they go in and do all the shopping for you then deliver it straight to your door. I would love this option even when there is no pandemic or viral outbreak. Shopping, especially grocery shopping, is the worst.

****************4/22/2020 10:00AM****************
***********GROCERY DELIVERY BEGINS***********

Posted by Twin Falls Food Express on Tuesday, April 21, 2020

They started services on Wednesday April 22. You can go on to their website and do everything from there or you can also download the app.

The best part is that they will not only go shopping for you and deliver your groceries, but if you are too exhausted from all that work on your phone, you can have them bring you a cooked dinner from any of the restaurants they partner with. That sounds pretty great to me. I hate cooking after going grocery shopping. No, it doesn't matter that I didn't do it.

In all honesty though if you or someone in your home has a pre-existing condition it is a great service to have at your disposal.

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