We all have a good laugh about bad drivers and people who can't park, but these just might take the cake.

In case you can't tell what is going on here (because it is so shocking I had to double take it myself) this vehicle is driving on Blue Lakes at the intersection of Kimberley towards the railroad tracks. The catch, they are facing oncoming traffic, and it's a green light.

So many unanswered questions here! Did they think it was a turn lane? What did the oncoming traffic do? Since it is a green light, why didn't they start moving? Where did they go? WHY IS THERE A WIDE OPEN LANE THAT THEY COULD MOVE TO AND DIDN'T?!

And as a bonus: Here is potentially the worst and most obnoxious parking job we have ever seen.

Tyler Mortensen
Tyler Mortensen

Had no idea it was possible for a PRIUS to take up FOUR parking spaces but by golly they did it!

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