It's like the dress all over again. This one is an optical illusion with animals though rather than clothing and I have to admit, I can see both. It is a nice little trick on your brain. So sound off Twin Falls.

Do you see a bunny or a bird? At first glance I was completely 100 percent positive that is was in fact a bird. I didn't see how anyone could possibly see a bunny. Then I took a second look. Oh wait a second. Maybe it is a bunny. It even blinks and it looks like that is what it could be. What do you think?

This actually does have the right answer. According to most people, it is most definitely a bird. The white tips are not the points of bunny ears. Instead, it is the tip of the beak. If you look really closely you can't really find a nose for the bunny and that is pretty much the giveaway point.

As a kid, I always loved optical illusions. They are everywhere. This one I have to admit really made my brain hurt. If you really think about it, it is crazy that a birds feathers can look so similar to the fur of a bunny when it is being manipulated like that.

Plus, how many birds do you know really like being pet? I grew up with a bunch of birds and none of them loved me or being touched as much as this bird does.

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