The Brickhouse and Rouge are pretty much the only night club type businesses I can think of in Twin Falls. They were not supposed to be allowed to reopen until phase 4 but Governor Little pushed nightlife to phase 3 under restrictions. That being said, the nightlife won't return just yet to Brickhouse.

According to the TF Brickhouse Facebook page, the Brickhouse will open tomorrow but will not return to nightlife just yet. Part of that may be because Governor Little pushed nightlife to phase 3 instead of 4 so they may not be prepared. However, they are still serving food and the bar will reopen so that is good news!

I imagine that nightlife and dancing and bars are going to be packed for the first while that they are open. People are excited to hang out with their friends again. The phase 3 order will reduce capacity and encourage social distancing. It would be hard to go dancing and maintain 6 feet apart. That is probably another reason that Brickhouse won't be opening right away.

I have never had a bad experience when I have gone to Brickhouse or the Rouge. People like to go there and have a good time. I had dinner there a few times and again have never been disappointed. Right now I am just excited that we are starting to get back to normalcy. And I miss dancing.

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